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Alternatively, you’re always welcome to contact our Sales Team at: sales@faith-photo.com.
  • Q1. Where can I find Faith products?

    You would find our list of business partners who sell Faith products here . Alternatively, you could use our advanced search.

  • Q2. How Faith categories their products?

    We categories our products into 4 major series by productʼs material, target users and usage. These series are: Faith Original, Black Diamond, Crossover & Lollipod. Each of them has different personality and features, which can be found in [Hot Features] in each
    seriesʼs main page.

  • Q3. Where can I find Faithʼs product catalogue?

    Our distributors and retailers would have them to provide. We also have online E-Catalogue for our latest issue for you to download or view online.

  • Q4. Can I find Faith in any exhibitions?

    Yes. We currently exhibit in the Beijing P&E which holds annually, and the Photokina Cologne, which holds every two years.

  • Q5. In which social networks can I find Faith?

    You can find us in Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Issue.

  • Q6. I have lost my manual, what can I do?

    Donʼt worry, we have online user manual for you to download.

  • Q7. I donʼt know how to use the product, what shall I do?

    You could watch our video tutorials, and/or e-mail us, we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Q8. What is the Faith Hong Kong office hours?

    Our office hours are Monday - Friday (except for public holidays) , 9:30 ~ 18:00 Hong Kong local time.

  • Q9. I have bought my Faith product(s), what is next?

    Registration of your warranty. You could either contact your retailer or register online to do so.

  • Q10. For how long does my warranty remain valid?

    For Faith Original & Black Diamond series products, the warranty holds for 3 years. For Crossover & Lollipod series products, the warranty is valid for 1 year.